About What is Debtware®?
Debtware® is the market leading software for Registered Debt Agreement Administrators and the Debt Management Industry.

It has been designed by experienced RDAAs, Accountants and Actuaries to combine a comprehensive software package with a suite of processes developed specifically for the Debt Management Industry.

It is proven, reliable, continually enhanced and supported by industry and technical experts.

The software will help you manage every aspect of Debt Agreement process. It spans the first points of contact through to the preparation, lodgement and management of the Debt Agreement. It also has the capacity to prepare other debt solutions such as informal agreements, finance and bankruptcy applications.

The Software is housed within infrastructure including data servers and Outlook Exchange. Not only does this allow you to easily access and file correspondence, but it also ensures your files are backed-up and secure.

Implementing Debtware® to manage your Debt Agreements could save you hours of labour and significant hardware, software and IT support costs. It is a genuine end-to-end solution which can grow with your business.

Benefits The reasons why Debtware® can become a crucial part of your business.
Debtware is more than just Software, it is infrastructure housing everything you need to manage, prepare and process debt management solutions. It will save you time and money and allow your business to grow.

It takes care of everything, from documenting the first points of contact through to the complete automated administration of Debt Agreements.

  • generates income

    Debtware® can generate significant ongoing cost savings and efficiency gains by reducing the need for hiring more administration staff or staff spending unnecessary, time and energy on managing Debt Agreements through clunky software or cumbersome excel spread-sheets.


    Debtware® is modular and can grow as your business needs demand. The basic module includes Contact Management and Debt Agreement Administration including full integration with Ezi-Debit. You can then add features such as DAP Preparation and Processing, Preparation for Financing, PIAs, Informals & Bankruptcy, Application Fee Invoicing, Tracking & Reporting and integration to your website, Xero and Salesforce or Capsule.

  • Reporting

    It offers easy, complete reporting to you, your clients and creditors on any matter concerning your clients’ Debt Agreements.

  • Compliant

    Debtware® is compliant with Part IX of the Bankruptcy Act 1966, and the Inspector-General Practice Directions.

  • adaptable

    Debtware® could be more cost effective, secure and robust to maintain that your existing in-house developed software. It is likely the cost of having to constantly update, maintain and support your in-house software would outweigh the cost of using Debtware. Plus your existing data can be easily migrated into DebtWare with minimal hassle and fuss.


    Installation is fast and easy and Debtware® offers on-site training packages to suit your organisation’s needs. You can easily migrate existing Debt Agreement files into the Debtware® system so your administration remains accurate and consistent.


    Our systems are housed in two separate highly secured and monitored Data centres in Australia. Both Data centres are protected by generators and large UPS systems. Our internet connections are full commercial Ethernet Connections delivered directly from commercial grade ISPs. Our infrastructure is either fully replicated or backed up out of the data centres to cover a serious DC failure situation.


    Debtware® is unique in that it is not just software, but an entire infrastructure. Debtware® includes round-the-clock accessibility to a unique remote Data Server, An Exchange Outlook Service and the Debtware® software application. This eliminates the need to purchase, manage, secure and maintain your own server hardware and software, Microsoft Outlook and Office licenses.


Future Developments Debtware® is constantly evolving...

Debtware is leading the field because it is constantly evolving to simplify and automate every aspect of the Debt Management Industry. As technology improves, so does Debtware. When a new development is launched, Debtware is updated overnight so you can enjoy the benefits immediately.

Future Developments and Debtware Releases include:

  • Integration with Secured Signing to allow electronic signatures to be imbedded in system generated electronic documents and forms.
  • Integration with Salesforce through a Debtware® API.
  • Support automated bank reconciling utilising bank web services
  • Provision of web interface for creditors and viewing of client specific data
  • AFSA B2G web service interface (as and when it is finalised by AFSA).
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